How Do I Get A Referral

Referrals & Authorizations


Your primary care physician can assist you through the health care system by assessing your healthcare needs and referring you to the appropriate specialist. Managed care plans require that you obtain a referral and/or authorization prior to seeking specialty services. Therefore, it is important to obtain the proper referral/authorization before your appointment. Our Managed Care Representatives are here to help guide you through this process.

In Office Referral Process - Referrals may be obtained at the time of your appointment with your primary care physician

  • Your physician will initiate the referral to a specialist

  • The managed care representative will process your referral within five (5) business days of your request

  • The referral is forwarded to the specialists office via fax, mail or by electronic online processing

  • A copy of the your referral authorization will be filed in your electronic medical record

Expediting Your Call - Having the following information ready when you call will expedite the Managed Care Representatives’ ability to assist you:

  • Your name

  • Daytime telephone number

  • Name of your insurance carrier, contract number, and group number (if applicable)

  • Primary Care Physician’s name

  • Reason for call

Additional Referral Visits - You can contact our Managed Care Representatives via e-mail or phone. 

  • The Managed Care Representative will process the referral upon approval from your primary care physician.

  • The referral is then forwarded to the specialists office via fax or by online processing.

Remember our Managed Care Representatives are available to assist you with your health plan questions and concerns.

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