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Partners In Internal Medicine Managed Care / HMO - Referral Policy

Dear PIIM Patient:

An important aspect of having a managed care health plan or HMO Insurance is having your primary care physician assess your health care needs and refer you to the appropriate specialist, as it is medically indicated. If you seek the services of a specialist without a prior authorized referral, you may be held financially responsible for the entire specialty service.

Our Managed Care Service Representative's can assist with the HMO Referral Process by having you contact the office and request referral authorization prior to any specialty service being rendered.

Partners in Internal Medicine (PIIM) physicians will not process retroactive referrals. In addition, many health plan requirements do not permit us to process referrals retrospectively. Therefore, it is very important to obtain PRIOR authorization/approval from your Primary Care Physician's office before receiving any specialty care services or testing.

Please Note: PIIM does not process retroactive-referrals.

Follow-up Referral Requests:
In order to ensure the processing for a referral plan authorization, we request that you contact the office at minimum 5-10 business days ahead of any scheduled appointments. Managed Care Service Representatives will not be able to process same-day referrals requests. Therefore, you may be required to reschedule your specialty care appointment or be held financially responsible.

We appreciate your attention and compliance to our referral policy and processes.


Partners In Internal Medicine Administration & Physicians

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